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Xbox DotW 7/5/2010 to 7/11/2010 Japanese Preview

June 30th, 2010

Thanks to the ever reliable Japanese Xbox Live Deal of the Week page we now have a preview of next weeks deals:

After Burner Climax will be on sale for 400 MS points for a 50% savings.

Death by Cube will be on sale for 400 MS points for a 50% savings.

Rockman 10 (AKA MegaMan 10) will be on sale for 400 MS Points for a 50% savings.

Scrap Metal will be on sale for 800 MS points for a 33% savings.

for a 50% savings

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Kinetic Ready?

June 18th, 2010

Ready For Kinetic?The new Xbox 360 250GB was announced at E3 this week.  In trying to figure out what this new version of hardware fixed and improved from the original Xbox 360 I noticed an unusual bullet item: “Ready for Kinect”.

My first reaction was WTF?  Isn’t Kinetic going to be compatible with all Xbox 360s?

I then started looking around the web for some detailed shots of the back panel.  Surely there would be something indicating what this was talking about.  Fortunately Major Nelson posted some pictures on Flickr, including a shot of the back:

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New Hosting Company

June 6th, 2010

DreamHost Web hosting as low as $8.95/mo

HD Fanatic is back after a very very long hiatus!?!

I have restored the website to it’s 2005 incarnation, this was the last time I was actively posting.

I have signed up for hosting with DreamHost.

Using DreamHost I have also restored the HD Fanatics Forums.

I don’t think the game guide and achievement sites on the web are geared towards the game playing experience I want to have, so I plan to use HD Fanatic to create spoiler free (as much as possible) achievement road-maps for the games I am playing.

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