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New Hosting Company

DreamHost Web hosting as low as $8.95/mo

HD Fanatic is back after a very very long hiatus!?!

I have restored the website to it’s 2005 incarnation, this was the last time I was actively posting.

I have signed up for hosting with DreamHost.

Using DreamHost I have also restored the HD Fanatics Forums.

I don’t think the game guide and achievement sites on the web are geared towards the game playing experience I want to have, so I plan to use HD Fanatic to create spoiler free (as much as possible) achievement road-maps for the games I am playing.

To set expectations I will describe my gaming style:

  • I am not into boosting or multiplayer so I will not cover these types of achievements.
  • I am not a  completionist, thus having some games at less than 100% is fine by me.
  • I am more of a time/results maximizer, thus I will be playing on the harder difficulties with spoiler free guides for collectibles.
  • I like to experience the story and be surprised by the results thus the need for spoiler free road-maps.
  • There are too many games to play so if a game requires multiple play thrus I may only play it once, especially if the secondary play thrus are just for collectibles.
  • If the game can result in multiple ending I will probably use game saves to see all the endings.

I do use game guides and will point to game guides that have helped whenever I encounter them.

I hope to someday install a the WP-Wiki plug-in and make the achievement road map pages into wiki pages and then welcome additions and edits from anybody.


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