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Xbox 360 250GB

When the Xbox 360 250GB came out I started doing research and trying to find out what the differences between the slim model and the original model.  During my search I found the following excellent Microsoft Knowledge base article:

Description of the Xbox 360 S console

The thing is Microsoft has since pulled the article.  Thank goodness for Google cache:

Description of the Xbox 360 S console (Google Cache)

Here is my archive and analysis of the article:

General information

The Xbox 360 S was released in June of 2010, and offers changes to the look and feel of the console and a few additional features different from the original Xbox 360 design. At release, the Xbox 360 S 250GB SKU will be available. Future bundles and storage have yet to be announced.

  • Xbox 360 S 250GB
    • Xbox 360 S Console (Black Gloss)
    • Wireless Controller (Black)
    • 250GB Internal Hard Drive
    • Wired Headset
    • Composite A/V Cable

No new information here.  It is disappointing to see that MS has removed both the HDMI cable and the Component cables.  HD is no longer supported out of the box.

Some key changes that were made to the Xbox 360 S console design are:

Feature Original Xbox 360 Xbox 360 S
Power and Eject buttons Mechanical Buttons Capacitive Touch Buttons
Hard Drive External Detachable HDD Internal Removable HDD
USB Ports 2 Front, 1 Rear 2 Front, 3 Rear
Memory Unit Ports 2 Front MU Ports None, USB thumb drive
Wireless Networking External USB Adaptor (G or N) Internal Wireless N (single band)
Optical Audio On AV cable Optical Audio Port
Removable Faceplate Yes No

This table is very good and quickly shows the differences.

The additions of the 2 rear USB ports do come at the expense of the front MU ports, since the Microsoft MUs were just glorified and over priced USB flash sticks.

Under Wireless Networking Microsoft made an interesting point, the USB adapter in the back was for a USB Networking adapter.  I never saw this as the case especially since I bought the camera, big button pads and HD DVD Drive.  Luckily the HD DVD drive had a USB hub built in and I was able to connect all my peripherals.

A great improvement and something that was missing from the original Xbox 360 is an Optical Audio Port on the 360 and not the AV cable.  This finally allows HDMI users that need a separate optical cable to their receiver to just purchase a generic Optical Cable and not require the HDMI breakout adapter included in the official HDMI pack from Microsoft.

Microsoft finally admitted that the ring tone generation may not be into as much customization as Microsoft hoped for, but Microsoft is still trying to sell Avatar clothes, Gamer-pics and Themes.

The front panel diagram also dispels the myth that the 360 Slim would not be compatible with IR remotes.  I do feel a bit cautious about the Bind Button and the IR Receiver being combined into one.

Th back panel does not show us anything interesting, but it is good to have for reference and planning of connections.

Here is the deailed information from the Microsoft Knowledge base article:

Ring of Light

  • The Ring of Light can only display Green lights
  • However the center Power Light can display a flashing red light to indicate insufficient ventilation, or a solid red light indicating the console may require service

For more information on power light error states, see the following KB articles:

2122791 (http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2122791/en-US/ )  Flashing red light on the Xbox 360 S console power button

2122826 (http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2122826/en-US/ )  Blank screen and solid red light on the power button on the Xbox 360 S console

2122808 (http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2122808/en-US/ )  Error: “System Error” and a solid red light on the power button of the Xbox 360 S

Capacitive Touch Power and Eject Buttons

  • Pressing the power or eject button will play a sound from the internal speaker.
  • These touch buttons function through skin conductivity, so cannot be used when wearing gloves.

Bind Button + IR Receiver

  • The console bind / Connect button and IR Receiver for infrared remotes have been combined into a single button.

Power Supply Socket

  • The Xbox 360 S accepts only the 135w Power Supply unit it comes with. It is not compatible with original Xbox 360 power supplies.

Optical Audio

  • The Optical Audio port is no longer on the A/V cable but instead available directly on the back of the console. If you are using an existing A/V cable that also has an optical audio port, both ports can function at the same time.

USB Ports

  • The Xbox 360 S has two additional USB ports on the back of the console for a total of five (two front, three rear).


  • Available for future accessories such as the Natal camera. Please note that while the AUX port appears similar to USB it cannot be used as a USB port.

Accessory Compatibility

All licensed Xbox 360 accessories continue to work with the Xbox 360, with the following exceptions:

  • Xbox 360 Memory Units cannot be connected. Users should transfer their data to a USB thumb drive for portable storage on the Xbox 360 S.
  • Original Xbox 360 Hard Drives have been replaced with a smaller hard drive type and design. To transfer your data from an original Xbox 360 hard drive to a new console, the customer should obtain a Data Migration Kit. For more information, please see www.xbox.com/transfer (http://www.xbox.com/transfer) .
  • Custom Faceplates cannot be attached, as the console is much smaller and the faceplate cannot be removed.

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