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Comic-Con PlayStation Move Impressions

August 17th, 2010

This year at the San Diego Comic-Con 2010 Sony had the PlayStation Move on display at the show floor. I got a chance to briefly play with it and here are my hands on impressions.

I have used the Wii in the past and I have found it to be very inaccurate and hard to hold. I have found the Wiimote to be very tiring even with the grip. I also found the Wii Nunchuck to also be very inaccurate and bothersome with the cable hooking the two up.

One of the things I dislike the most about the Wiimote is how it feels in your hand. The Wiimote is square in shape and I think this is what leads to discomfort and the tired feeling in my hands.

On the other hand I am glad to report that the Move Controller is circular and fit very naturally in my hand.

I found the move controller to be very fluid and aiming a gun with it was very natural. I am not sure if the game was compensating but shooting felt very nice and when I missed I felt it was my fault unlike the Wii where I feel I am always fighting the hardware. Yes the Move controller has a funky colored ball at the end that looks a bit silly but the performance it offers was great and once people use it I don’t think they will mind it.

The Sony representative at the station mentioned that the ball at the end of the controller functioned similar to the balls attacked to black suits used in motion capture and this was the key behind the technology. He mentioned that the PlayStation tracked the size of the ball to determine how close or far away you are from the screen. Thus the PlayStation can track in all three dimensions, unlike the Wii.

There was also some stations that used two move controllers, like boxing one for each hand. I was unable to try them first hand but the people playing them all had very fluid onscreen responses. I also saw some stations with the PlayStation Move Navigation controller.

I was unable to try the Move Navigation Controller but the PlayStation representatives did mention that the Move Navigation controller is optional and a regular controller could be used in its place. This might be fine for a while but the Navigation controller has the same shape and the Move controller with hopefully the same fit. One of the greatest thing I noticed about the Move Navigation controller is

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