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Introducing Xbox Live Database

March 15th, 2011

Xbox LIVE LabsThe site may have seemed inactive in the past few months, but I’ve been hard at work with infrastructure and automation changes in the background.  Some of these changes have been cropping up over the site slowly as I test out new features.

Like all sites, it’s an ever evolving process and I am still implementing features. Now, after all my hard work,  I’m excited to announce my Xbox Live Database.  I created this database because Microsoft has not been very forthcoming when items either drop in price, go on sale, or are delisted.

The Xbox Live Database can be accessed using the quick links under the RSS feed or from it’s home page at Xbox Live Database (XBLDB).  I will be adding additional information to each of the pages that make up the project in the near future, but here is a quick overview.

The (XBLDB) is currently focused on Free Xbox Live downloads, Latest Price Changes and Latest Releases.

The Free Xbox Live downloads are divided into categories based on Arcade or Xbox 360 game and offer type.  The Free Xbox Live downloads also includes a sub-list of the Latest Releases that only includes the Latest Free downloads.

The Latest Price Changes changes page tracks the latest price adjustments whether they are increases or decreases.  If you click on an offer’s link it will take you to that offers detail page and display any additional history.

The Newest Releases is a chronologically ordered list containing all new releases on the Xbox Live Marketplace.  The database is updated regularly so check back often to find out what is going on on the Xbox Live Marketplace.

Note: I am not a fan of Avatar Gear so the database does not include all Avatar Gear but does include game related gear.


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