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Kinetic Ready?

June 18th, 2010

Ready For Kinetic?The new Xbox 360 250GB was announced at E3 this week.  In trying to figure out what this new version of hardware fixed and improved from the original Xbox 360 I noticed an unusual bullet item: “Ready for Kinect”.

My first reaction was WTF?  Isn’t Kinetic going to be compatible with all Xbox 360s?

I then started looking around the web for some detailed shots of the back panel.  Surely there would be something indicating what this was talking about.  Fortunately Major Nelson posted some pictures on Flickr, including a shot of the back:

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‘HD Era’ Opportunities

July 5th, 2005

At this year’s Game Developers Conference J. Allard, Microsoft’s Chief XNA Architect, stated that the next generation of consoles would usher in the ‘HD Era’. So far Microsoft has not done all that they can to make the ‘HD Era’ a reality. I will cover what Microsoft has done in the past and what I believe Microsoft can do in the future to make the ‘HD Era’ real.

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Xbox Live Arcade Demystified

May 22nd, 2005

Xbox Live Arcade

When looking for a high definition game experience the casual game market does not come to mind. Yet proving how unpredictable and expanding the HD Game scene is, we found not 1, but three HD Games supported by Xbox Live Arcade.

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Rumor Mill: Xbox Next Features

May 9th, 2005

Team Xbox has posted an image claiming to be the Xbox 360 peripherals.

I looked at the picture closely and discovered two interesting thing that nobody else seems to be talking about:

  • Xbox logo on controller acts as 4 buttons
  • Xbox remote control has a power button

Both of these, if true, are awesome. Imagine being able to switch to any of 4 predefined views in a racing game. No more pressing black 4 times to get to the view you want to only to pass it and have to press the button a bunch more times.

Connecting an Xbox to a Media Center PC will finally be practical. With a power button on the remote it should now be possible to replace a DVD player, CD Player, MP3 Device, and a TIVO with an Xbox.

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Xbox Live Clock Synchronization

April 21st, 2005

I was able to verify that Xbox Live does in fact set the clock when you login into the Xbox Live Service. So if you ever leave you Xbox off for more than three hours and the system clock gets reset just log in to Xbox Live, and voila your clock is set.

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Rumor Mill: Official Xbox 2 Name

April 5th, 2005

Lately I’ve heard various internet rumors surrounding the official name of Xenon, the Xbox follow on. The most rumored names are Xbox 2, Xbox 360 and Xbox Next, with Xbox 360 being the preferred name.

The reasons given for Xbox 360 vary, but the most prevalent ones include, Brand testing group feedback:

  • 3 needs to be in the name to equate Xenon with PS3
  • A revolution is 360 degrees, e.g. Nintendo Revolution the Gamecube follow on

Xbox 360 seems logical when you look at the evidence. With Xbox 360 Microsoft can kill 2 birds, or in this case competitors, with one stone.

Personally I can’t stand the name Xbox 360. Hoping to squash these rumors once and for all I did a little detective work. I checked the domain name registration for each of these names and found some interesting results:

  • – NOT registered to Microsoft, coming soon page
  • – NOT registered to Microsoft, website not found
  • – REGISTERED to Microsoft, website not found

I’m betting somebody registered in an attempt to profit from Microsoft.

Now I’m not a betting man, but I would definitely go with Xbox Next as the official name for Xenon. Of course, I could be wrong and Microsoft could be in the process of buying This would explain why is not found, but if that is the case then why would Microsoft register

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