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Chapter 1-2 (Public Assembly)

February 7th, 2011

Chapter 1-2 (Public Assembly)

Area 2 (Urban District)

Emblem #1

  • At the end of the area there is a building with a second floor and two balconies. From the east balcony on the second floor if you look south you’ll see the emblem on the outside of a building beyond the playable area.

Antique Clock (2,000)

  • Opposite balcony in a treasure chest in the same building where you shoot the emblem.

Area 3 (Urban District)


  • In the locked building.

Emblem #2

  • In the building where you find the dead BSAA members, you’ll come across a roofless room. Look up for a water tower, and shoot the emblem that is on it.

Area 4 (Abandoned Building)

Gold Ring (5,000)

  • Dropped by boss if you defeat it without using the Furnace.

Emblem #3

  • After defeating the boss, on your way to the area exit there is a case of ammo near the exit elevator. Walk towards the elevator and look through the chain-link fence to find the emblem.
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