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Chapter 2-1 (Storage Facility)

February 7th, 2011

Chapter 2-1 (Storage Facility)

Area 1 (Storage Facility)

Emblem #4

  • At the start the level, on the same wall as the exit door. Left of the chest on the cargo container.

Area 2 (The Bridge)

Jewel Bangle (1,000)

  • Dropped by Big Man Majinis, first encountered in this area.

Emblem #5

  • After the sequence with the suicide truck on the bridge, as you start going down the stairs to the tunnel look at the bridge. The emblem is underneath the bridge on one of the support columns.

Area 3 (The Port)

Sapphire – Pear (1,000)

  • As soon as you start the area turn left at the first corner. The item is on the ground.

Topaz – Pear (1,000)

  • When you make it to the Port Surface Area you can explore the shallow water. The item is underwater in the northeastern corner, near the docked boat.

Emblem #6

  • On the ceiling of a green ticket booth near the yellow goal. It has the word “charge” on the front. You must look in and up through the wires where an attendant would be.

Emerald – Square (1,000)

  • On the roof of the building with the yellow goal.

Ruby – Marquise (3,000)

  • In a treasure chest blocked off by fruit stands. One of the fruit stands must be destroyed with a grenade to reach the treasure chest. A grenade is provided hidden in the fruit.

Emblem #7

  • During the helicopter sequence, climb up the building on the right via a wooden ladder. Walk towards the water tower and look across. The emblem is in the building across the way with “STORES STORES STORES STORES” across the front.


  • In a warehouse building near the area exit. Rifle ammo is located on a table outside the building.

Area 4 (Shanty Town)

Emblem #8

  • Before the co-op jump, turn around and look to the right. The Emblem is on the roof.

Ruby – Square (1,000)

  • In a treasure chest after you defeat the Chainsaw Majini, before the door that takes you to the next area. This chest is very obvious and cannot be missed.
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