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Chapter 2-2 (Train Station)

February 7th, 2011

Chapter 2-2 (Train Station)

Area 1 (Train Station)

Jewel Beetle (2,000)

  • On the wooden fence after the train car maze. Right hand side if looking down dead end slope.

Emblem #9

  • Electricity tower behind the building you started the area in. A rifle helps for this one but is not required.

Area 2 (The Mines)

Ruby – Pear (1,000)

  • On the ceiling of the first long tunnel.

Emblem #10

  • As you cross a wooden bridge, look to the right. The emblem is next to the waterfall.

Diamond – Oval (4,000)

  • When you see light go left and follow the path up to a treasure chest.

Area 3 (Mining Area)

Dragunov SVD (Rifle)

  • Inside a locker after the cut scene with Irving.

Diamond – Brilliant (5,000)

  • After the cut scene with Irving go outside and climb the short ladder. It’s in the chest.

Diamond – Pear (1,000)

  • In the wall near the first tall ladder up the mountain side.

Emblem #11

  • From the top of the first tall ladder shoot the building to the right of where you came from.

Diamond – Square (2,000)

  • In the wall near the ladder after the co-op jump.
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